Forest Lakes (Sarasota, FL)
By Annette Smith, Sarasota Real Estate Agent
(Allen Real Estate Services, Inc.)
Forest Lakes Country Club Annual Garage Sale Spring Cleaning in Forest Lakes          Sarasota Florida - Annual Garage Sale at Forest Lakes From Trash to Treasure or "Junk to Jazz up you home", Forest Lakes Country Club residents are out in full force this morning cleaning out their closets and garages.  Furniture, light fixtures, orchids, plants, glassware are among the items I spotted while Snuffy and I strolled the neighborhood early this morning. Every year I forget or conveniently forget to get my wares on the street.  I always remember on the way to Starbuck's when I see this neighborhood bustling at 6:30 am to make the 8:00 am deadline.  Signs were up everywhere and customers were arriving my 7:00 am.  I opened the trunk of my Jeep Cherokee and filled it to the brim with "trash."...
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