Sebastian Inlet (Sebastian, FL)
By Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868
(Palm Realty)
One of the things that I love most about living on the Space Coast of Florida is of course the ocean. When you live by the ocean, you get to experience the wonders of the wildlife that is here. I have shared my love of the sea turtles that nest here in the spring and summer with you. Well, we also have Right Whales that migrate off the coast.  Right Whales  are huge baleen whales that are severly endangered with their numbers currently estimated at between 300 - 400 animals. They are named Right Whales because whalers called them the "right" whales to kill on whale hunts. Hunting of Right Whales  was banned in 1935. These gentle giants are known for being very docile and therefore easy prey. Today, the biggest threat to the Right Whales are being hit by ships and becoming caught in fish...
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