Amadeus (Treasure Island, FL)
By Anne Hensel, Realtor - Broker - St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island
(South Beaches Real Estate Professionals)
Today, let's talk about the Amadeus in Treasure Island well, I guess the name gives it away, it was designed by an Austrian architect. He came here on vacation, fell in love witht he area and decided to start a little project. The condo complex is about 10 years old by now and it sits right on the water in Treasure Island on 104th Ave across the street from the Treasure Island public park. Altogether Amadeus has 10 units, which is considered a small condo building here in Treasure Island. 6 of the units have a direct water view 4 of them have a view from the balcony. Like all of the newer condo buildings, the ground floor is covered parking. Amadeus has a nice size community dock and a swimming pool right on the water. A friend of mine lived there for a few years and we had a great time...
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