Abbotts Cove (Alpharetta, GA)
By Sanford Rosser
(Heritage Real Estate Brokers)
Watch the news and you’ll hear how home prices are coming down. Its not a secret that sellers are getting less than they did a year or two ago. For several years now we’ve been waiting for the market to flip into a buyer’s market - and now we have it. But now we’re seeing many potential home buyers afraid to commit! When I say this, it makes some people mad because they think that prices will continue to drop for a long time to come and they’re more interested in timing the market. Don’t worry about housing prices collapsing if local industry is doing well. Pick up a copy of the AJC and you’ll get a sense of the economic environment. Most parts of Atlanta didn’t see a huge bubble, so there is nothing to pop. I don’t care what you’ve heard, good homes are still selling quickly and some ...
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