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It wasn't that long ago that Alpharetta was just a small town in Northern, Georgia.  Now it is a bustling city that houses some of Atlanta's wealthiest residents.  I grew up in the city and watched the change up-close.  The Real Estate market exploded in the mid 90s, and has done wonderful ever since.  Now I start to see a change in the residents.  It was once a mecca for young families, but know that has completly stopped.  With the average median home value over 300k, the first-time homebuyers are staying away.  The most important stat I read to back this up was the School system saying for the first time there was a decrease in students.  There is finally enough schools in North Fulton County.Alpharetta Real Estate
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By Kevin Warmath
(Warmath Real Estate @ Keller Williams North Atlanta)
Brutal Honesty. Only your friends can be brutally honest with you, so they say. One of my problems, I’ve always been told, is that I’m too honest, that I don’t sugar coat my opinions enough, even it they are “right.” In real estate it is hard to be honest, particularly with sellers. No one wants to tell you your house is ugly, dirty, stinks, outdated, obsolete, poorly decorated, will never sell in a hundred years to a blind buyer. Yet, some one has to tell you don’t they; or is that the job of the “market?”I’ve lost a few clients because I’ve probably been a bit more forthcoming in my consultation than perhaps I should or than other realtors. However, my mantra is that I’m going to tell my clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Heck, that is why they are hiring me, ...
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