Woodmont (Canton, GA)
By Clark Blackwell
(Crescent Bank & Trust)
If you grew up in the deep South, as I did, you're aware of the unique quirks of our native dialect. Mark Twain hit on some of it, Jeff Foxworthy has built a career on it, and the entire cast of Hee Haw continues to celebrate it weekly on RFD TV. Today's words (quite unintentionally associated with food): Dinner: noun; The midday meal. Known as "lunch" by everyone outside the rural South. Supper: noun; The evening meal. Known as "dinner" by everyone outside the rural South, except in biblical times. Sweetmilk: adjective / noun combination; Whole milk. Cow's milk with no butterfat removed, differentiated from buttermilk by taste & consistency. I was in high school before I knew these were two separate words. Pone: noun; The general measurement of a family-size quantity of cornbread, coin...
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