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By John Mulkey, Housing Guru
Though I am a Georgia native, I have yet to see some of the state’s more unusual points of interest; and a couple of weeks ago I decided to make a short trip to Elberton GA and visit the Georgia Guidestones, one of the state’s lesser known but more controversial attractions.  Often referred to as America’s Stonehenge, yet centuries younger, the Georgia Guidestones are just as mysterious, with little known about the forces or individuals behind their construction.     Located on an obscure hilltop near Elberton GA, the Guidestones were erected in 1980, but there is scarce information about who funded the project or why.  Below I’ve listed a brief history of the Georgia Guidestones:    The story of the monument begins in June, 1979 when a man calling himself, R. C. Christian (a name he ad...
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