Misty Lake (Ellenwood, GA)
By Elva Branson-Lee, CDPE - Atlanta Real Estate & Short Sale Agent
(Solid Source Realty GA)
For Newbies: How I post hyper-local content on my Ellenwood GA real estate blog: When I'm writing for hyper-local search engine juice, I start by choosing a good long-tail keyword phrase to build your blog around. You can use Google’s free keyword tool to help you get started. Don't worry if you've never tried this before. Google provides all the instruction you need to use their keyword tool. A good example of a long-tail hyper-local keyword phrase might start with "City-State-Subdivision" and then something specific to that community or its housing. For instance, since I'm a Georgia short sales specialist, I might choose "Ellenwood GA short sales in Misty Lake Subdivision" as my phrase, and write around that. You might notice that I've emphasized certain keyword phrases in this paragr...
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