Rincon, GA Real Estate News

By Arlow Real Estate Group in Savannah, Pooler & Richmond Hill
(Keller Williams)
Congratulations John Sherrod for receiving a 5 star rating when he helped Lori find a home in Rincon when she relocated to the area. What made you decide to work with John: "Once we communicated on the internet, you were very accommodating and extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the area and whole process." In your own words what did you like about working with me: "Everything. Mostly that you were very approachable and friendly." If you or someone that you know  is relocating to the area and wants to receive 5 Star treatment, contact John Sherrod at (912) 790-6005 or visit John on the web at www.SavannahJohn.com John is the Lead Buyer's Agent for the Mark Arlow Home Selling Team. John was born and raised in this area and is extremely knowledgeable about real estate  in the area,...
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By Marian Lancaster
(Fred Williams New Home Sales, Inc)
  With so much conflicting information in the media today, I think it's time to focus on what we KNOW: Fact - Currently interest rates are at an all time low. Fact - Real estate prices are depressed and lower than they have been in years. Fact - Real estate prices in some areas are going back up or have reached their bottom.  Fact - To be eligible for the tax credit your contract must be fully executed by 4/30/2010 with a closing date on or before 6/30/2010 Fact - Interest rates cannot stay this low forever, they are in fact anticipated to increase by the 2nd quarter of 2010. Fact - The rise of inflation is inevitable and the one thing the Fed can control to combat this rise is raising interest rates. Fact - In an effort to stimulate the housing market our government has extended the $8...
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By Marian Lancaster
(Fred Williams New Home Sales, Inc)
It's a common question lately - "You're a Realtor?  Ohhh...so how's business?"  My answer, in turn, is not what the asker usually expects.  That's become BUSINESS is great!  2009 was a record year for our company, having contracted over 200 homes in the Savannah Metropolitan Area.  This success was the result of years of planning and the vision of a brilliant man, as well as a daily dedication to working a solid business plan.  I am a member of the new home sales division with Fred Williams New Home Sales, Inc. and we promote the concept "More House, Less Money" while implementing the philosophy of "Do well by doing good".  This combination of quality and customer service seems to be the key to our company's success. Our sales team is comprised of eight of the top salespeople in the Sav...
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By Stacie Taylor, Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer
(Movement Mortgage)
Stacie Taylor is a native of Georgia and holds a bachelor degree from Georgia State University. She is currently a board director and gold award winner for Mortgage Bankers Association of Ga, a member of Manchesters Who's Who registry of executives and professionals, Golden Key International Honour Society, Homebuilders Assoc. of Savannah, Young Council of Realtors, Sales and Marketing council and Summit circle gold award winner for new home residential loans. Stacie also holds a real estate license that is currently inactive. She has over 7 years of mortgage banking experience and is ready to assist you with your mortgage. Too often, the mortgage process can be cold and impersonal, with little regard to convenience or courtesy. At Fairfield Financial, we take a different approach.Staci...
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By Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend!
(California Moods Inc)
Tammy Wallace has just joined Active Rain so let's give her a big welcome. She is a redesigner from GA and all you southerners know to make someone feel comfortable, right?Tammy, there are several staging groups and we are talking about merging a few of them but in the meantime here is a link to a guideline for groups. You will also want to join the Newbies and everyone there is very helpful and will show you how to navigate and use AR effectively. I have also sent this announcement to localism for Rincon, GA. If you have any questions, you can post about them or feel free to email any one of us in Stage It Forward, Newbie's, Welcome, Redesign Renegades. So welcome Tammy and I will see you in the rain. 
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