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GSU GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY STUDENT HOUSING MULTI FAMILY FOR SALE STATESBORO GEORGIA GA Varsity Apartments 111 Rucker Avenue, Statesboro, GA 30458 200 Units .1 Mile to Nearest Edge of Campus 19,691 Students (17,044 undergraduate) Listing Courtesy of Coastal Apartment Advisors Contact Grant Ancevic of Student Housing Investments, LLC for More Information
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Ready for some fun and fire works???  Well join us at the Mill creek recreation center--hwy24---for a great July 4th celebration. The celebration starts late afternoon with fireworks at dark---with activities for kids--it is a great family event with lots of activities!!   So come early--stay late and enjoy the fireworks.--- Parking tip---do some of the side streets and not in the park --if you want to get in and out easily.- Hope to see you there ---and don't forget the farmers mkt. in downtown sboro --at sea island bank--parking lot on sat. july 5th--9-12noon for some great local produce, organic food, and some great fresh baked bread,--it gets better every saturday---- -so for out of towners --you can make it a great wkend. in the Boro--from june 30th --july 5th.  Come and enjoy --we...
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By andrea re
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This is the first in a series of Market Updates---6/08--for Statesboro, Ga. The market in statesboro has been slow over the last several months.  However, there has not been substantial price depreciation due to the the variety of employers in the area but sales have been sluggish.  And new construction maybe a deal for those of you looking for residential homes because we have had some over building. We do have a nice variety of inventory in all price ranges --so if you are looking to buy this maybe your opportunity. If you are concerned about your credit score ---contact me --because i have lenders and programs that might fit your needs --including some 100% financing programs. I will be posting a 3-5 yr. mkt analysis next wk. --showing were we were and are now  --but the bottom line ...
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Looking for fresh food--you need to visit---us!! If you missed the last one--mark you calendar for Sat July 5th--9-12pm.--and don't miss it!! I got quite a few responses on my last post  regarding the farmers mkt. in Statesboro, Ga.--so wanted to give everyone an update!! and head's up on when they are. Mark your calendars--1st and 3rd Sat.s--each month--Statesboro, Ga. is the place to be  for local fresh market  produce,organic foods of all kinds (veggies, eggs, honey, etc),---local foods-and organic--fresh baked breads, restaurants servicing local produce----you name it and they have it.!! And you get get home grown tomatoes with out the scare.!! The market  keeps getting bigger and better-- at the local farmers market  in Statesboro --it is the 1st and 3rd. sat.of each month at  the ...
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Looking for good organic food----Well, statesboro had it's 2nd farmers market this past wkend --it was from 9 to 12pm--with dozens of local providers---and the selection was great.!! Hope you made it -- i missed  the start - but the reviews have been fab.   I got there late but there was more than  just the farmers mkt. which is in the parking lot of sea island bank--at the mains crossroads..(which featured organic produce--from eggs to bread--veggies you name it)--deals.-- We can't  thank debra  --and the staff of the gsu gardens for all there hard work promoting this event. But  it was also -  great -- that all the downtown stores/and cafes  had specials as well ----it was a great time to come out--to downtown  and socialize --in the great boro!!  I suggest you don't miss it next mo. ...
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