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By Jordon Wheeler, J W Group Real Estate Sales and Service
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South Fulton's Union City - Mayor's Park - Christmas 2012 Mayor's Park is in downtown Union City on Union Road.  The park celebrates the history of all of Union City's mayor.  A large stone is erected in the midst of the park, and every mayor's name is engraved on the stone.  During the holiday season, the Union City park is decorated and lit up beautifully at night.     For those wanting some exercise Mayor's Park in Union City has a track that goes around the exterior of the park.  Six laps around and you have completed a full mile.  Next to Mayoral Park in Union City is the railroad tracks.  Trains come through the city on a daily basis.         For more information about buying or selling real estate in Union City, please contact our office at 404-418-8092 or 404-246-3210.  FREE Mar...
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