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By Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089, Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info
(Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers)
I think it's appropriate that it's raining here in Haiku today, as I start this BLOG on ActiveRain.Although there is a water shortage on other parts of this island, we are not in any way concerned about our own water usage, as we have our own supply of water.  We live off the grid and employ a system called "water catchment", which simply means we catch the rain which falls, and store it in tanks.  On our Huelo farm we actually have 3 tanks for holding water: a 12,000 gallon Scafco metal tank; an 8,000 gallon cement tank; and a 500 gallon plastic tank buried underground.  Let it rain!The County of Maui is requesting that consumers try to cut back on their water consumption, or mandatory restrictions will be enforced.  The drier parts of Maui rely heavily on irrigation to make their land...
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By Karen Willliamson, Wailea Hawaii real estate
(Maui Earth Realty LLC)
Just this week it was discovered that a caterpillar, native to South East Asia has made it's way to Haiku on the Valley Isle.  This caterpillar is unusual looking with spines and a dark stripe running the length of it's back.  It is unfortunate that this pest has made it's way to our beautiful island for a couple reasons. A large infestation can cause serious damage to the plants it feeds on. Our Hawaiian ti and palm trees are 2 items it eats, it is also eating the guinea grass that is growing in all the pastures and gulches on Maui.  With such a large supply of food, these caterpillars can spread easily.There is concern that this will affect our agricultural crops here on Maui.The nettle caterpillar (Darna Pallivittta) has a painful sting.  When one of its bristle like spines touches t...
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