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13 Condos also sold for the month - Probably a first - 13 homes and 13 Condos sold for July 2008. I have to apologize here also - I used the search parameters of July 1 - July 31, and it still shows 18, but if you actually look at the day it sold - a few are in June - don't know what the glitch is? But this gives you a good idea of whats happening here anyway. Don't forget - if your looking for a buyers agent - give me a call. Aloha, and have a great day   Lance Owens (RS) (808) 936-8383 Lance@KonaHomeTeam.com www.KonaHomeTeam.com Aloha Kona Realty Inc. 78-6740 Alii Drive         Copyright ©8/6/2008 by Hawaii Information Service   SALES  Search criteria: Hotsheet from 7/1/2008 through 7/31/2008 including status changes to S TMK Taxkey 3-7. MLS Form Condo