Belleville, IL Real Estate News

By Robert Cramer
(Five Star Property Inspections)
Hello everyone,I have been a member of AR for a couple of months now, but never really formally introduced myself.  I also wanted to say hello to everyone and say thanks for all of the support I have received from this community.My name is Robert Cramer, but please call me Bobby.  I live in the southern part of Illinois, just outside of St. Louis, Mo.   I enjoy many hobbies, but woodworking and horseback riding are my favorites.  By trade I am a Home / Property Inspector and also an Artist.  I am originally from Indiana, that's right, a, but moved to the St. Louis area about 14 years ago.  I joined AR to gain exposure for my business and to enjoy the socialization from the many groups on AR.  My goal is to be an active, helpful if you have any questions about...
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