Castle Creek (Elgin, IL)
Just a couple days ago the City of Elgin planning commission had to vote on a big issue.  It is an issue that affected people in Bartlett and Elgin.So, what was it.   Well for the last couple of Months the owners of Villa Olivia have gone before the commission to get them to approve a measure to allow them to have a subdivision consisting of 279 townhouses, 96 single-family homes. and another section of 11 acres to be commercial space.    This plan seem simple, but when really looking at this it would have done harm to the local area. 1. People in Elgin along Hwy 20 say the traffic is bad right now.  I have people that have told me not only is the traffic bad, but in many areas it is not safe.  Having over 700 more cars driving along this section of Hwy 20 would not be good. 2. This wo...
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