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By William Piotrowski
(Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation )
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  The Inevitabilities of Success1. You will feel pain.2. You will experience discouragement.3. You will want to give up.4. People won’t understand you.5. People will criticize you.6. People will walk away from, and reject, you.7. You will feel it’s impossible to persevere.8. You will want to give...

By William Piotrowski
(Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation )
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 Best Careers For Each Sign1. Passionate Pisces Pisces are intuitive, creative and empathetic. They gravitate towards careers that allow for a certain amount of self expression. Think hairstylist, social work and psychologist.2. Unconventional Aquarius Aquarius are independent visionaries. Those ...

By Cheryl Bowers, Plainfield, Naperville, IL. Real Estate
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Cotswold Estates, Homes for Sale in Naperville Cotswold Estates Real Estate Statistics Average Home Size: 5364 Average Property Taxes: 14646 Homes Listed: 2 Homes Sold: 0 Average Number of Days To Sell: 0 The above statistics were compiled by Naperville real estate agents based on homes listed f...
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