The Preserve Townhomes At Marley Creek (Orland Park, IL)
By Rebecca Howard, Recognized | Respected | Recommended
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by Rebecca Howard Townhomes For Sale in The Preserve at Marley Creek Subdivision Only a knowlegable person understands that the term Townhomes in The Preserve at Marley Creek refers to a very specific group of townhomes located in the southwestern tip of Orland Park. And if you were to scour the Internet looking for them, as I have, it can be confusing to locate them specifically. This group of townhomes is comprised of just 108 units; are comprised of two and three bedroom units that were built by three different builders with the difference in age between the first and last unit built covering a span of about 7 years, with the last units being built in 2002. These units are some of the most spacious townhomes around. You will get the best bang for your buck here. The Townhomes in The ...
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