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By Bob Corcoran
(Corcoran Consulting & Coaching)
Whatever you are doing right now will affect your business in 90 days. If you are busy prospecting two hours a day, you will have fantastic results in 90 days. If you are busy with paperwork and allowing it to consume all your time, then 90 days from now you are going to be in the doldrums because nothing is happening. Isn't that great information to know? Agents often ask me, "What is the challenge? Why aren't things happening for me?" I have applied this rule to my response, "What were you doing 90 days ago?" It sure makes you think. It opens your eyes and makes you realize the importance of what you do today. For additional information and guidance on this topic we have posted an article on our website entitled "90 Day Advance to Success" for you to review. Commitment for the Week: S...
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