Volo Bog (Volo, IL)
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Aqua SafariSunday, June 3 12:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.Come face-to-face with dragonfly nymphs, diving beetles and water striders! These animals are just a part of the wetland's diverse web-o-life awaiting quick eyes and curious minds! Ages 5 - AdultPlease make reservations at dnr.volobog@illinois.gov or 815-344-1294.Moraine Hills State ParkMoraine Hills State Park and McHenry Dam are an Illinois Department of Natural Resources complex located South of McHenry on River Road between State Highways 120 and 176.For reservations for programs at Moraine Hills, please phone Volo Bog at 815-344-1294 or dnr.volobog@illinois.gov.For information on the park itself, please phone 815-385-1624.george@exitplatinumrealty.com
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