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By Granite Heroes, Marble, Granite & Terrazzo Restoration
(Granite Heroes)
Wicker Park Granite Countertop Polishing & Maintenance Services. Granite really is a great choice for kitchen countertops. It can honestly take a pounding, It’s the hardest of stones custom fabricated in homes across the Chicago land area. What makes granite a superior choice vs marble as a natural stone countertop is its ability to not scratch and resist staining and damage caused by cleaners. With that said the wrong clears may not damage granite but they do affect the polish and overall look. This granite countertop polishing project documents the maintenance and polishing of granite in our client’s kitchen in Wicker Park, IL. Why did the Granite need to be polished? Overtime the wrong cleaning products create buildup on the surfaces the are applied to. Windows, mirrors, and polishe...
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By Jim Gramata, GREEN sales brokerage and construction guru
(The Gramata Realty Group @properties)
Here is an interactive chart of the last 5 years for median sales prices for detached single family homes comparing Bucktown to Wicker Park (4 beds or larger, 3000SF or larger and over $550,000 sales price).  We are seeing a normal amount of volatility in median sales prices in Wicker Park but the Bucktown market continues to show more stability and growth with the northern section (Armitage to Fullerton) showing less gains than in the south (Armitage south to North Ave). In both neighborhoods prices are rising significanly year over year and prices are expected to continue to improve even with seasonal asjustments.   
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By Tom Jansson, Chicago Area Home Inspector - InterNACHI Certified
(Acuity Home Inspections)
We're headed into the poisoning season. Cases of carbon monoxide poisoning increase during the winter months, and especially around Thanksgiving. You can't smell carbon monoxide. It's a colorless, odorless, deadly poisonous gas. Carbon monoxide (CO without the 2) is produced from the incomplete combustion of carbon fuels such as propane, kerosene, heating oil, or natural gas. According to the Centers for Disease Control, symptoms of CO poisoning include "headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion." If one's asleep, there's very real danger of dying without experiencing or being aware of the symptoms. Remember: carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible. You cannot smell CO. You can take steps to prevent poisoning: If your home inspector flagged potential c...
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By Tom Jansson, Chicago Area Home Inspector - InterNACHI Certified
(Acuity Home Inspections)
Ever put together one of those "flat pack" bookcases?  Ever notice how there's a strap (or a bracket) that's included in the kit, and you're supposed to use this thing to tie the case to the wall? Most folks just toss this "extra" part out.  Please don't be one of those people.  Top-heavy furniture, like book cases, must be securely fastened to the wall to prevent serious injury from falling furniture. Every year, nearly 13,000 children in America are injured due to top-heavy furniture.  Rickety, unstable dressers and book-cases are often the culprits. A growing concern is a special type of tip-over:  Televisions.  Every three weeks, a child dies because a TV fell on them. A toddling toddler, just learning to walk, reaches out to the furniture for balance.  If the furniture isn't stable...
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By Vince Sadler
(Dream Town)
Have you been to Penny's Noodles in Wicker Park?   If you want Quick, Cheap and Guaranteed Delicious Thai Food then you need to go visit Penny's Noodles! The service there is always great, and you get a ton of food with your order. The staff is nice and the food is to die for. The restaurant is casual, each location with different decor. The De Paul location has art hanging on all the walls from local artists that are available for purchase.   Penny's Noodle Shop specialize in Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese food. They have appetizers, soups, veggies, rice dishes, noodle dishes, vegetarian dishes, seafood dishes, beef dishes, chicken dishes and pork dishes. Another plus, they know how to do extra spicy dishes! When I go to Penny's Noodle Shop, I always get the Chicken Pad Thai   and the J...
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By Sara Bonert, Real Estate Internet Marketing
Walkscore is an incredible website for learning what individual neighborhoods have to offer within walking distance.  Personally, living in Chicago, it is very important to me because my husband and I only have one car and he takes it to work everyday, leaving me to get places either by foot or bike.  But my home has a walkscore of 91 (out of 100), so it isn't a problem.  This weekend I was at a cook out of some friends who recently had a child.  This live in a condo in the hip neighborhood of Roscoe Village(their condo has a walkscore of 90).  But now with child, you know where this conversation is headed, they decided its time to head to the burbs.  My friend was telling me how she spends hours online looking at homes and school district information, which wasn't a surprise to me.  Bu...
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