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By Kara Hinshaw, Santa Claus Indiana Real Estate
(Key Associates of Santa Claus)
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I practice real estate in Spencer County, Indiana with main focus in Christmas Lake Village, Santa Claus, In.  Need expertise in our area.  Call me and I would love to give you a tour.  I was born and raised in Christmas Lake Village.  I know the area and history very well.  I remember as a kid w...

By Cynthia Sloop
(Community Association Manager)
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On December 17, 2006 at 8:00p.m. (CST) HGTV will be featuring the town of Santa Claus, IN in their "Over the Top Christmas" Christmas Special.  It looks like the Spencer County Visitors Bureau has been busy getting this town some exposure.  Besides the show, this town has also been featured in Mi...

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