Houlgate (International, IT)
By Gijs Van Breugel, TERRA FRANCE | International Estate Agents
(TERRA FRANCE | International Estate Agents for France)
Focus on Normandy : Houlgate on the Coast of Flowers on the English Channel. In the Calvados department of the Normandy region, near Cabourg, and close to Caen, here is the quaint seaside marketplace HOULGATE. A large stretching sand beach, going up into the Normandy hills (Bocages), a very own seaside architecture and a treasure of lively events all through the year. This is Houlgate for you.   A unique natural environment Its long outstretched beach promisses lovely relaxing seaside moments. All around this seaside village you can enjoy beautiful vistas. And the renowned "Falaises des Vaches Noires" or "the Cliffs of the Black cows" near Houlgate will replay history for you as the are a famous international archeological feature.        Its own identity in a preserved special seaside ...
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