Expired Listings (Lawrence, KS)
By Rob Lang, Local Expert in NE Central Kansas Real Estate Home
(At Home Kansas)
Lawrence, Kansas, Homes for Sale, sometimes turn into Expired Listings.  The reason for this is usually due to one of the following reasons: 1) Poor Location 2) Poor Condition 3) Poor Pricing A poor location has few solutions available to homes for sale owners but the poor condition and poor pricing can be corrected. Poor condition involves amking sure the property is cleand in ready to move in condition.  Having great curb appeal and inside appeal lends to a quick sale.  Buyers for the most part do not want a fixer upper.  They want to buy a home where they can just move their things in.  They don't want to have to install new carpet or paint walls or clean the place.  I have found that the word "clean" has several meanings depending on who you ask.  It could mean "broom clean" which i...
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