Victorian Homes (Lawrence, KS)
By Rob Lang, Local Expert in NE Central Kansas Real Estate Home
(At Home Kansas)
NOTE:  As of 7-3-12 this property is now on the market.  Call for availability.   Victorian Homes of Lawrence Kansas are very popular homes and are grabbed up quickly because only a few come on the market a year. 1501 Rhode Island, Lawrence Kansas, however, was one Victorian Homes of Lawrence Kansas that got away.  Pocket doors, stained glass, three floors of wood floors, a country home kitchen and style within blocks of campus and downtown. Through a combination of unfortunate circumstances, two different buyers and this Victorian home's seller ended up failing to close a transaction.  The owner now has other plans for the Victorian home to benefit the community and has taken the home off the market. So while this is one that got away, there is another Victorian Home of Lawrence Kansas...
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