Wichita, KS Real Estate News

By Candace Kunkel
(RE/MAX On The Move)
Pet PeevesYour family pet may be a show dog, but that doesn't mean prospective homebuyers will be happy to see him when they look at your house. Even though Fido might be a bona fide family member, the  fact is some people simply don't like dogs or other animals. They might be allergic to animals or maybe they are afraid of animals that are especially large, loud or jumpy.    One solution is to crate your pet during the open house. It is best if they're not home. A pet - even a cat - can be a distraction, and you want to eliminate any distractions when you're trying to sell your house. You don't want a cat rubbing up against someone and leaving them feeling unsettled.            Sellers need to remember the non-visual distractions as well: Don't forget to clean up the pet's toys, wash h...
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