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      ENCOURAGEMENT CORNER... New Beginnings By: Gertrude B. McClain   It's only the beginning now...a pathway yet unknownAt times the sound of other steps...sometimes we walk aloneThe best beginnings of our livesMay sometimes end in sorrowBut even on our darkest daysThe sun will shine tomorrow.So we must do our very bestWhatever life may bringAnd look beyond the winter chillTo smell the breath of spring.Into each life will always comeA time to start anewA new beginning for each heartAs fresh as morning dew.Although the cares of life are greatAnd hands are bowed so lowThe storms of life will leave behindThe wonder of a rainbow.The years will never take awayOur chance to start anewIt's only the beginning nowSo dreams can still come true.   WORDS TO LIVE BY...   Work isn't to make money; ...
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By Captain Wayne - Rowlett Real Estate School, Rowlett Real Estate School / Owner and Instructor
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