Baton Rouge General Hospital-mid City (Baton Rouge, LA)
By Melanie Rogers
(Universal Mortgage Mart, LLC)
CIn this manual I have presented many ideas, techniques and strategies for building a successful career or business in mortgage lending.  However, none of this information is of any use without the missing element. Before telling you what that missing element is let me tell you about a certain man.  When this man was young he decided to become an army officer. He went to West Point where his performance was lack-luster and graduated 21st out of 39.  He had some success during military engagements but after a few years resigned because of disciplinary problems. He tried his hand at farming and the real estate business and failed at both.  When the Civil War began he was working as a clerk in the family store that was run by his brothers.  He went back to the army as an enlistment officer...
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