Fisher Hill (Brookline, MA)
By Greg Kiely, Century 21 Commonwealth
(Century 21 Commonwealth)
Did I miss a memo? Every day, on my way to and from the office, I drive down Dean Road between Beacon Street and Chestnut Hill Avenue. Recently a few houses have had little signs popping up on the front yards. Always one to see if these happen to be new listings I have closely followed the changes. These are not For Sale signs, though. It seems that all of the neighbors in this lovely Fisher Hill neighborhood have decided that it was time to renovate their homes all at once. Now, in some of them (including my favorite looking house in Brookline) the renovations seem to be confined to the inside. That being said, in many of the houses it looks like there is a major interior and exterior gut renovation. View Larger Map For those who don't know the Fisher Hill neighborhood well, it's a ver...
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