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Real Estate Market Report North Cambridge, MA 02140 May 2014 North Cambridge, MA (02140) Real Estate is still in a seller's market.  This will continue for remainder of 2014 due to lack of available housing and low interest rates.  Like all the real estate market in Boston area suburbs.  If you find the ideal home for you, be prepared to write an offer quickly or accept the possibility you will lose the home to another buyer. Buyers and investors who have are serious about the Real Estate Market in North Cambridge,, MA  in May 2014  should now have enough facts to get them started on their real estate journey in this community. Price Trends - Sold vs. Listed Understanding the difference between "listing prices" (what sellers are asking for) and "sold prices" (what buyers are willing to...
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By Elizabeth Bolton, Cambridge MA Realtor
(RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA)
Fresh Pond Greenway in Cambridge is a 25-unit condo building at 773 Concord Avenue in Cambridge Mass.  Built in 2006, the building incorporates many green features and was built to Energy Star Standards.  Living here you're sure to save money on utility costs as the insulation in the building exceeds building code requirements by some 30%.  There are bamboo floors in many of the units and low-emission paints were used throughout the building. Energy Star appliances were installed in the condos. Another unusual conservation-minded feature are the dual-flush toilets in condo bathrooms.  You're able to choose the amount of water for each flush. These were new to me but make a lot of sense. As we become more conscious of our water usage I bet dual-flush toilets will become more common. Feat...
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