Cambridge, MA Real Estate News

By Jon Ernest
(Spotlight Realty)
So we had the inspection yesterday, and the contractor came through, and I had 2.5 good learning experiences. Learning experience #1, listing agents read blogs too. HA! Good eye Danny!  ( errr...I meant to write that I'm NOT pumped about this project unless the seller concedes eleventy billion dollars)Lesson #2  needs to be prefaced...So the home inspector and the Contractor are scheduled to come around the same time, home inspector gets there first.  And we're going through the house (that is a fixer upper to begin with) we start in the basement. The systems are on the older side, no big whoop we need to replace those any way, an "antique" brass water main (chlorine + brass = corrosion apparently), whatever..  The contractor shows up while we're still in the basement, so we start walki...
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