Battery Park Hills (Bethesda, MD)
By Kacem Benali Bethesda & Rockville REALTOR
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Battery Park Hills Homes for Sale.   More Communities... Battery Park Hills Homes for Sale.  Bethesda, MD.Located near downtown Bethesda, Battery Park Hills is known for its irresistible charm and cozy, well-landscaped lots.  With styles ranging from Cape Cods to colonial homes, Battery Park Hills is a premier place for fostering lasting relationships and raising a family.  People looking for Bethesda Condos, Townhomes & homes for sale or Battery Park Hills homes for sale will find it at our PROPERTY SEARCH SITE. If your considering selling your house in Rockville or Bethesda start by finding out what your home is worth FIND OUT HERE.     With tree-lined streets and wide sidewalks, residents are often seen taking strolls and stopping at neighbor’s yards to chat.  Barbeques and cookouts...
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