Blake Rd (Hagerstown, MD)
By Roberto Gonzalez, Hagerstown Commercial Real Estate
(RG Realty Inc)
Hey, I'm not suggesting that the Real Estate market is great, but is not as bad as some people might think!! People is buying and selling, don't forget that!! Lets be honest, is true that the economy and the market is not like 2 or 3 years ago, that the general consumer is afraid and uncertain of the future, that the media scare the hell out of people with all the housing problems, foreclosed properties, that the inventory level reach new highs and prices still falling, that sellers expect top dollar for their homes, and buyers want to get a bargain, that banks are not making things easy, but the very worse part of all is YOU!!!!  Yes is correct, we all are the problem, we need to create an agent that take the business seriously, that want to succeed in this market, an agent that manage...
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