Carroll Heights (Hagerstown, MD)
By Roberto Gonzalez, Hagerstown Commercial Real Estate
(RG Realty Inc)
Alternate Solutions Via Local Buyer’s Agent Sometimes, acting as the buyer’s agent for one of my Hagerstown clients, I wind up dealing on their behalf with what can be frustrating financial roadblocks. It’s part of the service all buyer’s agents bring to the table…and in recent years it’s become a more common situation. There can be any number of reasons that trigger a financial snag. A client’s down payment funds might be tied up due to a business-related delay, some other ongoing real estate transaction can hit a scheduling snafu, or it may simply be that an unexpected credit ding has surfaced which can’t be solved within the necessary time frame. No matter what the reason, when a client is on track to buy a home -- but also needs to buy time -- alternate avenues need to be explored....
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