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Beautiful Lake Lot for Sale by Vegas Bob and I will give you a "Smoking Deal"   Here is a breath-taking Lake Lot that I purchased around 20 years ago for retirement & a place to fish and get away from "The Hustle & Bustle." This 7/8 of a acre property has 161 feet of prime shoreline, beautiful trees, pole building to be converted to a cabin or home. This property is approx. 100 miles south of Canada, Lake of the Woods & Rainy Lake in Minnesota. If you or anyone you know is looking for a great place to retire with privacy, beauty and so much more, this property would be ideal. I own this property straight out and the reason I am selling it is because Nu Nu & I went to visit this property for the first time in around 7 years. Because we live in Las Vegas it is very difficult to visit this...
 Can anyone from Activerain please tell Vegas Bob where Judy Garland was born. And can anyone please tell me what Judy Garlands nickname was?  Here is a Video I took of the Birth Place of Judy Garland and I am sure most of you never knew and now you do!  Judy Garland's parents and my Grandparents knew each other.  And did they ever find the real "Ruby Slippers?"     Judy Garland - Somewhere Over The Rainbow  Video (below) taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) in Grand Rapids Minnesota May 2010 - All rights reserved

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