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By Kathleen Lordbock, Keller Williams Realty Professionals
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     I learned more than how to stuff a turkey or properly dice an onion in my mother's kitchen  She hardly ever let me cook (her kitchen), but she let me watch and she talked.  She would tell me where this recipe came from and on what special occasion it  would have been served.  She talked about her mother and how she did things.  She talked - I listened and watched.  Having an very good visual memory - I learned.  (Please don't ask me people's names, I am bad at that.)      My mother is now gone, but her recipes live on, as do her notes.  "V.G." on a recipe card means she thought that recipe was very good. "Skip salt", "more sugar" "cook 10 minutes longer" meant just that.  "Walt's favorite" (my dad) surely couldn't have been written to jog her memory!  My mother was recording histor...
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