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I wrote a blog a few days ago saying that I had been absent from AR for a couple of days because I was working on something amazing. . . well, three somethings to be exact. The first of the "Realtor Super Tools", as I dubbed them, was the Welcome Home Active eZine. This fantastic monthly online magazine (or ezine) is a great way to keep in contact with your current clients and to cultivate new clients as well. All you have to do is enter all your information the first time, and then simply update your personal message and listings monthly after that. How much better can it get? . . . . Did I mention that I gave out a promo code that lets you get it for free? Yep, FREE! If you missed the promo code you can shoot me an email or check the blog post for it. Why? Cause I'm just cool like tha...
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I so wish I had one of these little guys the summer after first year of college! I got pulled over by a State Trooper for going 5 miles over the speed limit while headed back to my parents from a friends house. When I asked him if he was serious (because the speed limit had just changed and I was slowing down) he started YELLING AT ME! Yep, yelling; and at the top of his rather powerful lungs, I might add. By the time he was done with his tirade and writing up the ticket ("Stupid little blond, rich girls that think the can get away with whatever they want!" etc.) I was literally crying so hard I could not talk . . . and I don't cry easily. Oh, that I had a Trunk Monkey that I might have sent after him!. . . Just to reason with him! ;)
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We all know one. The Realtor that has been around forever (or at least since the Jurassic era) that insists on doing everything the "old school way". You know. . . . the person that once told you that computers were a plot by the Nazis to infiltrate American homes and brain wash the unsuspecting public? Ya, that one! Lets talk about them. Being a member of the "younger generation" I grew up around computers. In fact, my dad likes to joke that my first toy was DOS. If you don't know what that is A) I pity you, and B) wikipedia.org .  I love computers of all kinds and I think that operating systems are a thing of beauty (except windows vista, which really is a plot by the Nazi's) which should be understood and appreciated by all. I also get the fact that there are those of you out there s...
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Now you've done it! You have let me get Rainmaker status AND changed the state ranking pages so that my blog shows up more often.  "Shenanigans!" The Realtors cry! "It's so unfair! She's been here so much less time that we have and yet she shows up more often!" That's right! With the new set up (Which I LOVE) the more active you are and the more often you blog, the more visible you are. Sorry slackers! I know that you put in hours and hours of work to get where you were on the list. . . like two years ago, but that just will not cut it now. With the new way AR does things, the more effort you put in, the better your results. So you can sit on your status if you want, but you will be watching other more ambitious bloggers and Realtors fly by you if you don't continue to put in any effort...
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By Michelle Vivero, 1ST Choice Realty
(1ST Choice Realty)
Just curious how different markets are doing right now.  Our market, the Ozarks in Missouri, has been busy with listings.  Buyer traffic has been slower than last January, however, still have some buyers to choose from.  I have noticed that different areas in our MLS (which covers about 16 plus counties) have had closings over the last 20 days, while Houston, Missouri, has been slower in the closing department.  There are however, some pending sales that look to close in February. Have a great day!  God Bless!
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