Old Munichberg (Jefferson City, MO)
By Axel Weiss, Sea to Sky Realty
(Bradenton Realtor and Sarasota Homes for Sale)
The small community of 12,000 known for its textile industry, Munchberg -- pronounced "Minch-berg" -- is nestled between the gentle hills of the Franconian woods and the Fichtel Highlands.Munchberg is Jefferson City's new "partner city." The two communities have ties going back nearly two centuries, when Munchberg emigrants settled a new neighborhood south of Jefferson City's downtown.In December, after some spirited debate, the two town councils cemented the new cross-Atlantic relationship.Supporters hope the new relationship will allow the flow of culture, ideas and goodwill between the two areas of the world.Burgermeister (mayor) Thomas Fein describes Munchberg as a quiet, industrial town capable of attracting tourists with its scenic beauty and quaint architecture."In summer, you ca...
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