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Google maps help realtors showcase their seller's listings, as well as facilitate the house-hunting process for buyers. With more than 1150 miles of shoreline, the Lake of the Ozarks extends thru 3 counties and several small communities.  Understandably then for those new or unfamiliar with the Lake area, a home search thru such an extensive area can feel daunting.  And for even the most experienced realtors, physically showing all the available lake front properties around the Lake of the Ozarks could conceivably take weeks.  While most homebuyers I've worked with DO want to see a fair sampling of lakefront properties for comparisons, there is a limit as to how many 8 hour days they will tolerate driving to remote locations. It's always been a smart practice to take the time to get acq...
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By Donna Gum
(RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks)
Well, Thursday night, after hearing for days to be prepared (we hear it every year), the worst winter storm to hit the lake in over 10 years finally arrived. No one really expected it to happen.It started at our house in Four Seasons with 3 to 4 inches of sleet. That eventually turned to snow and snow and more snow. Our driveway had 14 inches of the white stuff! The main roads are now, Saturday night, mostly clear. The rest are slowly being worked on. All that sleet led to an icey base for the snow and makes it hard to get off.Unfortunately, many of the large boat docks around the lake weren't built to withstand this much sleet and snow and have collapsed on the boats. Port Arrowhead, Mungenast, Palisades Yacht Club, and many more, incluing condominium docks had some amounts of damage.L...
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