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By Angie Boule'
(Rivers Trail Realty)
How does one market a property that is $8.5 million? My broker and I got to talking about it and it should be like any other property. Is it fair to spend more time and money on a million dollar property compared to a property at $100,000? NO! Is it fair to push commissions on other Realtors and say, Hey sell this house look look you get 5%! NO! Commission is the last thing I look at when assisting buyers. Who are we to push a home on someone when it is probably the most important purchase in their lives? Stop thinking about money and think about people.
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By Kelly Parks, M.S., Broker/Owner
(Paris Gibson Realty)
One thing to note in Great Falls, Montana is that we are a pretty relaxed community.  I have learned that many of my clients just want to be treated fairly.  They do not want to dress up to meet with their Realtor.  They do not want to be intimidated by their Realtor either.  Many real estate deals start out on napkins, with clients jotting down what they want.  The old saying "never judge a book by its cover" is so true.  Treat others with respect and be a good listener and be available to answer questions.  That is the secret here in Great Falls, Montana.
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By Kelly Parks, M.S., Broker/Owner
(Paris Gibson Realty)
I love living in Great Falls, Montana.  It is pretty safe compared to many other places in the country.  People here are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.  Schools are very highly rated, although our teachers are not well paid at all.  It is a dry climate and can get bone chilling cold in the winter.  Summers are hot and dry and it is very, very sunny year round.  Oh, and we have wind and lots of it.  I guess the fact that our community is safe and friendly and that it is sunny almost every day make up for the cold winters.  We do get Chinook winds in the winter which warm up Great Falls for a week or two so the cold doesn't really last very long. I have many clients who just love living here too.  Many have moved in from the east and also the south.  They like the clean air ...
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By Josh Hutchins
(Heritage Property Brokerage)
I have two statistics that will make you shudder a bit, especially if you're a realtor in Great Falls, MT. Fact: By this time last year, there were 751 houses in town sold. As of today, there are 713 sold this year. It's not much of a difference, only 5%, but it is a difference. Fact: The number of members in the Great Falls Association of Realtors rose 20% over last year.Put the two together and it means there are fewer houses for more realtors than last year. And yeah, last year was a real good one, so I'm told... I'm the rookie. But a 20% increase in realtors in one year is a huge jump. The statistics should mean better service for our clients. It also means that those who aren't really trying, I mean really trying, are going to feel the change. It will surely separate the wheat from...
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