Miller Creek (Missoula, MT)

By Brint Wahlberg, The Wahlberg Team
(Windermere Real Estate)
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When I first started in real estate I witnessed the end of the "golden era" for Linda Vista.  A stereotypical 90's built neighborhood on the south-western foothills of Missoula this area features winding cul-de-sacs, large homes with forward facing garages, and homes that featured mostly pastel e...
Missoula Montana Homes For Sale - Miller Creek / Linda Vista Area Real Estate The Miller Creek / Linda Vista area of Missoula is in the southwestern corner of town and is a popular area for homebuyers due to the area schools, number of parks and open space, and the proximity to Brooks Street for ...

By Monica Bourgeau, Business Coaching
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Missoula Real Estate - Missoula's Miller Creek Neighborhood The Miller Creek Neighborhood is a popular area among homebuyers. Located on the Southwest corner of the city, this neighborhood features good-sized homes on larger lots and rests on Missoula's low-lying hils. The area also still maintai...
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