Bat Cave (Asheville, NC)
By Bill Westel, ECO
(Eco-Steward Realty)
There really is a bat cave in the small community of Bat Cave located in Western North Carolina. The cave is owned by The Nature Conservancy and a private landowner and is accessible only through a field trip program that operates from June through early August. In order to protect the bats of this cave and their fragile ecosystem, the cave is not open to the general public. The main chamber is 300 feet long and approximately 85 feet high. Fissure caves are formed by rock splits, boulder movements, and other motions of the earth, while most other caves are formed by water dissolving and abrading rock. Bat Cave lies within Hickory Nut Gorge, a beautiful gorge formed by the Broad River as it cascades it way down to Lake Lure over 1200 ft in less than three miles. This small community is l...
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