Bluewater Cove (Emerald Isle, NC)
By David Sobotta
(WideOpen Networks)
When I look off our back deck, I see water, wetlands, and then trees.  I know that this property across the water from us is for sale.  Likely one day my view will change.I do not try to imagine the change.  I try enjoy every moment of our private paradise with Heron and every water creature you can imagine.I actually doubt the construction will harm the marine life since CAMA is pretty tough when it comes to protecting wetlands. When I look out across the real estate landscape, I know change is coming.  I cannot see how it will shake out yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that things are going to change.I have not lived through as much change as my mother who grew up on a mill pond before the days of electricity.However, I have seen a lot of business change.  When I first started in...
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