Lockwood Folly (Southport, NC)
By Vicki Burton, A local Buyer's Agent - Southport NC Real Estate
(Southport Realty-Southport, North Carolina)
Just like people, there are a few areas of Brunswick County that got it all when it comes to looks. Natural beauty is something that speaks to us internally. Not everyone has it...not every place has it...but it grabs you right away. Lockwood Folly is one of those special places. It's one of Brunswick County's oldest communities, with as pretty a golf course as you'll ever see. The locals would rather keep it a secret and it always surprises me when I hear an long-time resident tell me they've never been to Lockwood Folly. "No way!" I say.    But it's true. Off the beaten path, but oh so strategically placed, where the Lockwood Folly River literally wraps around its entirety like a blanket. It is my observation that it's generally the best land in any given area that gets settled first....
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