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By Shar Sitter, Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis/ St. Paul, M
(Rooms With Style)
I Grew Up In A Ghost Town Do you ever see pictures of those deserted towns or drive through one on your way somewhere important and think to yourself: "I wonder who lived here?"      "I wonder what it was like.....did they have dreams for themselves?"     Well I do know who lived there...... I did. Here is my home.       Kind of weird to say those words, "I Grew Up In a Ghost Town" but I did. Oh of course when I lived there it wasn't a ghost town, it had a bar (my best friend Nancy's Dad owned the bar):     It had a post office:       It had a town hall where I danced standing on my Dad's feet and holding onto his belt loops:     It had a two room school house (no longer standing) that closed after I finished second grade so there was no longer a school in town.  It had a grocery store ...
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By Matt Listro, Your Credit Repair Expert
(National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro)
Credit Repair in North Dakota National Credit Fixers: 330 Roberts Street Suite 402 East Hartford CT 06108 phone: 860-282-6181. National Credit Fixers boasts of 14 years experience repairing low FICO scores. Whether your credit has been damaged by a foreclosure, bankruptcy, slow credit, collections, judgments, repossessions, etc. we can help. We are the experts in credit restoration and credit repair. We have helped numerous residents of North Dakota and are experts in North Dakota credit repair. If you want the cheapest credit repair company then you need to keep looking.  If you want a credit repair company company that is going to get you the best results possible - then you have found the right one.  Wouldn't you want the best doctor possible if you had a medical problem?  Well we ar...
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