Botany Village (Clifton, NJ)
By Hugo Meza
(Nicholas Real Estate)
Most people are familiar with the term short sale by now. Well, Not all because I have seen some realtors who does not know what they are yet. I kind wish i was one of them sometimes! That means they didnt deal with any short sale. :) I  think most realtor would agree with me that short sales are a pain in the neck! There are homeowners who are trying to modify their loan, but do not qualify for it. In my Opinion, their next best option might be short sale. Of course, this is case by case. I am sure an bankruptcy attorney somewhere there will disagree with me. Some benefits of a short sale ·  You are in control of the sale, not the bank. ·  You may sleep better at night knowing who is buying your home. ·  No social stigma of the "F" word, (foreclosure) ·  If multiple unit property, you ...
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