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By Danny Smith
It was requested from another Rainer that I do something about New Mexico. (My home State) So the info. below is what I chose to do. Although I could do many articles as my family homestead there back in the 1800's on a beautiful 3,000 acre ranch in Capitan NM. (Home of Smokey the Bear)What I chose to write about is the Malpais as I grew up remembering them. This is an area of New Mexico near Carirzozo developed by Volcanic activity. As a small child I remember driving through it and even stopping and picking up small volcanic rocks to take home. For some reason this all stuck in my mind. I also remember that in the early 60's a group of high school kids climbing up the volcano and setting fire to a bunch of old tires. Causing a lot of black smoke and some disturbance in the small town ...
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