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 What are behind the doors of the UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell New Mexico?  This was my second visit to the UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell in the last 20 years and it is very impressive and a must see. Admission is only 5 dollars and worth every penny.  When you enter the museum there are photographs and documented information from the very beginning of the UFO crash to the movies, X-files, etc.  W.W. (Mack) Brazel was the first person to collect debris from the crash, and after collecting it he drove down to Roswell. The crash was happened at the Foster Sheep Ranch i Corona approx 50-60 miles NW of Roswell.  Sheriff George A. Wilcox told Mack Brazel that if we told anything about the incident (crash), not only would we be killed, but our entire family would be kill...
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 Robert & Nu Nu meet Actor (Malcolm McDowell) at the UFO Museum in Roswell New Mexico  Yes we had the pleasure of meeting Malcolm McDowell July fourth 2009 at the UFO Museum and Research Center.  One of the first movies I ever saw Malcolm in was A Clockwork Orange, a movie by Stanley Kubrick. And a very very strange movie indeed!    Nu Nu spoke with Malcolm for around 15 minutes and he was very interested to know more about her country of Myanmar (Burma) and she even sang a song to him in Chinese.  I gave a Malcolm a couple different business cards and Nu Nu mentioned to him to come to Las Vegas Nevada to visit us. He said he would be coming there in September for the Star Trek convention at The Hilton Hotel.  He also mentioned when he gets in town to come and see him and we could have...
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 I have heard from people that have knowledge on Fireworks that the most exspensive colors are Blues & Purples.  This is just a tease and I will post more when I get back to Las Vegas!  I hope everyone had a Fun - Safe Fourth of July  Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)
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 I am celebrating the 4th of July in Roswell to celebrate the crash in 1947 on July 4th.  Here are some fun photos from the parade and it was  so much fun!  This is a new movie coming out in September  Here is a blue alien waking her dog, I wonder if the dog is a alien also?  Scary!  The parade lasted over one hour and her is a street shot!  I will be going into the UFO Museum today and taking of photographs of fireworks tonight, stay posted and be safe!  All photographs by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) please don't copy!
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 Vegas Bob & Nu Nu headed to Roswell New Mexico for the 4th of July UFO Convention  My new friend Travis Walton has invited Nu Nu and I to the annual UFO Convention in Roswell New Mexico. To celebrate the UFO crash that happened on July 4th 1947.  Travis Walton will be speaking for 3 days about his experience and abduction back in 1975 when he disappeared for 5 days and 6 hours.  If you missed my previous posts and don't know who Travis Walton google (Travis Walton) and go to ..............                                                                                                 Me & Nu Nu met Travis Walton 6-13-2009 for lunch when we drove down to Snowflake Arizona. Travis will be putting out a 2nd edition to his book he wrote 30 years ago and one of...
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