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By Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
(Savvy Home Pix)
I have had a good number of astute real estate professionals recently ask me "why aren't your pendings closing?" on my market reports! Here is just a peek at some market reports for one specific area (June, July and August Respectively): What you are seeing here is that the Pendings (red) has been gaining ground and the Sales have been slowing down (green).  This doesn't make sense with rising pendings, you should see rising closings. There several very good reasons and I am here to explain why this is going on. When I got my license here in 2005 our 30 pending to close ratio was a good 60%.  Now (with market conditions) you have to use 60 day pending to close ratio (even with cash, HOA demands can clog up the system!)  Our current 60 day pending to close ratio is a dismal 27%! Here are...
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