Fox Heights (Henderson, NV)
By Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
(Savvy Home Pix)
Las Vegas Real Estate Inventory is still increasing RAPIDLY.  It is rising so quick that I am bumping up my predictions that we will emerge from a seller market to a stable market in October (original prediction was November/December.) This may be due to the first time buyer's tax credit expiring.  This is also good news as we could emerge from the extreme seller's market that we have been in for over a year to a stable market in about 8 months (with a consistent increases like the ones we have seen this month.)  This will afford more opportunities for buyers to have less competition when placing offers in homes. Las Vegas Area Market Activity (Includes North Las Vegas, Henderson and Las Vegas) Listings (8/15/2010):  13902 Under Contract (8/15/2010):  13073 Sold July 2010:  3611 Short ...
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