Gallery At The Grand Legacy (Henderson, NV)
By Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
(Savvy Home Pix)
Are you frustrated with the buying process?  I have created a page that will be my VIRTUAL open house for my special Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas REO (aka bank owned, foreclosure) picks of the month! I also have access to pre-listed properties and we currently have an abundance of pre-list available.  If you are interested in the list of REO Pre-List Properties simply click here to register.  You will then need to email me after you register and I will set you up to receive the pre-list REO properties IMMEDIATELY when they are registered in to the system! If you are new to the process, click here to become familiar with the process of buying a Las Vegas REO property. All Las Vegas property showings are still subject to my appointment policy so make sure you read ahead so you...
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So many people are now in the horrible predicament of either being foreclosed upon, or forced into a short sale, when what they really want is to remain in thier cosy little home that they have worked so hard to own.  What a tenuous place to be in.  "Why won't the lender work with me?" I hear this almost daily from so many dear clients and friends.  While some lenders are figuring out that part of something is better than nothing at all, others are not in the position of being able to negotiate that sort of arrangement.  Many of the large lenders have such a tangled web of investors, that negotiating is not possible.  Investors in this case could mean multiple large entities that are investing for their investors and so on.  Hopefully the government will come up with a plan that will fo...
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